Dr. Sunanda Anand

Stroke Neurologist, Neurointerventionist, 20+ Years Experience, Mumbai

Name: Dr. Sunanda Anand

Speciality: Stroke Neurologist & Neurointerventionist

Qualification: MD (Medicine), DM (Neurology) Fellow Interventional Neuroradiology

Experience: 20 + Years

Email: drsunandaanand@gmail.com

Mobile: +918104861216

Registration No: MMC/3476


Neurological dysfunction

Comprehensive assessment and management of neurological disorders, offering personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's needs, addressing conditions such as strokes, seizures, and movement disorders, optimizing neurological function and quality of life.

DSA: Cerebral Angiography

Advanced imaging technique visualizing blood vessels in the brain, crucial for diagnosing vascular abnormalities or conditions like aneurysms and strokes, guiding precise treatment planning for optimal patient outcomes and safety.

Interventional Neuroradiology

Specialized field employing imaging technology for minimally invasive procedures to treat neurological conditions, ensuring precise interventions with reduced risk and faster recovery, offering patients innovative treatment options for improved outcomes.


Endovascular Aneurysm Treatment, Coiling, Flow diversion

Minimally invasive repair of aneurysms by inserting coils or redirecting blood flow, preventing rupture. Includes innovative flow diversion techniques for complex cases, ensuring patient safety and recovery.

Thrombolysis & Thrombectomy

Urgent dissolution or removal of blood clots to restore circulation, crucial in stroke and arterial occlusion treatment, preserving neurological function and enhancing patient outcomes through timely intervention.

Carotid Stenting

Non-surgical placement of stents to widen narrowed carotid arteries, restoring blood flow and reducing the risk of stroke, offering patients a minimally invasive alternative with reduced recovery time.

Embolization of AVMS, DAVFs, Tumors

Targeted blockage of abnormal blood vessels or tumors to arrest blood flow, aiding in the treatment of arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), dural arteriovenous fistulas (DAVFs), and tumors.

Endovascular Surgery

Intravascular procedures providing minimally invasive solutions for various vascular conditions, optimizing patient recovery with precise interventions inside blood vessels, ensuring effective treatment while minimizing risks and discomfort associated with traditional surgery.



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